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A fun Olympics feel-good story from Xinhua News today; Quintuplets bring Olympic mascots to life.

As the Olympic torch reaches their home city of Shantou, Guangdong, Lin Zhonghua and her fellow quintuplets will play Fuwa (Olympic mascots) during the day’s opening ceremony.

“It is very lucky for the city to have the quintuplets to play Fuwa,” says Li Shugai, the children’s kindergarten head teacher, thus dashing any suspicions that the birth of cute quintuplets in time for them to reach kindergarten age by 2008 had been part of any pre-Olympic planning!

It is unlikely that Lin Zhonghua and her siblings have many other classmates with 4 brothers and sisters, so in getting a whole set of Fuwa from one generation of the same family perhaps is lucky for the city of Shantou…?


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